Signature Series

The Signature Series pools consist of eight pre-designed and economically priced pools. With any of Claffey's projects we stand by our Founder's pledge to our customers, "quality is our commitment to you."


A Claffey Pool for every phase in life's journey. Whether it is your ultimate dream pool and yard or our new Signature Series Pools, Claffey has a pool for you. Our Signature Series pools consist of eight pre-designed and economically priced pools. With any of Claffey's projects we stand by our founder's pledge to our customers "IS OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU." Therefore all of our pools, from the extreme custom projects to our Signature Series will be built to the Highest Industry and Quality Standards. Our Signature Series Pools offer limited design and options, although they still provide you an opportunity to make a high value investment, while providing you and yours years of care free enjoyment.


Choose from these 8 custom signature series designs

Contemporary Pool Design

Design 1


Oasis Pool Design

Design 2


Natural Pool Design

Design 3


Classic Pool Design

Design 4


Modern Pool Design

Design 5


Oval Pool Design

Design 6


Freeform Pool Design

Design 7


Modern Straight Line Pool Design

Design 8

Modern Straight Line


What's Included

  • Economically Pre-design Pools – Best Value for Your Investment.
  • Superior Structural Design with additional reinforcing placed in any of the stress or weak areas of the gunite structure.

  • Enhanced Pool Plumbing System – Better Water Movement – Both in the Plumbing System and also in the Pool Itself. Claffey Utilizes Venturi Technology in both our skimmer and return inlets to best enhance the water circulation in all of our pools, giving us up to a twenty-five percent increase in water movement!

  • This Enhanced Plumbing System also gives Claffey the best Water Circulation used to distribute pool sanitation through-out- From top to bottom and all through the pool – There is an added bonus included in that circulation system creates a more even water temperature through-out - No cold or hot spots!

  • Industry Leading Equipment Package – Same Manufacture and Quality Products we use on all of our pools – no matter what the price range. This Includes the Pump, Filter, Chemical Dispenser, L.E.D. Lights, Computer Automation and Pressure Cleaner with Booster Pump, Only the Best!

  • Most Importantly you will have an organization who has been in Business for over 30 years, Built Thousands of Pools and has the personnel to Maintain Our Commitment to the Quality and Customer Service we have always strived to provide.


Optional Additions

Not Much Room To Access The Project Site – We Have Equipment And Professionals For That:

Ultimate Relaxation: – We Have Four Spa Configurations To Enhance Your Outdoor Experience and They even add a Water Feature Element to your Project

  • Let’s Make A SplashWater Features:
    • Two Deck Or Coping Jets With Brass Covers – Simple And Elegant
    • L.E.D. Gusher Fountain – Fun And Bright, The Kids Love Them
    • Twenty Four Inch Arch Fall – A Modern Touch And Great Water Falling Sound
  • Other Options:
    • Two Brass Volleyball Anchors – Let’s Play
    • Tanning Ledge/ Sun Deck – Great Place For The Little Ones To Play And To Catch A Few Rays
    • Upgrade To Claffey White Pebblesheen Pool Plaster – Last Longer And Looks Great
  • Enhanced Performance Options:
    • Additional Venturi Skimmer For Pools With Heavy Debris Problems (Leaves, Landscape Debris, Ect)
    • Upgrade Pool Water Sanitations – Ozone Generator – Cleaner and Clearer Water – Water Oxidizer, Reduces Chemicals In The Pool
    • Upgrade Pool Water Sanitations Number Two – Minerals Supplement System To Reduce The Amount Of Residual Chorine Required In The Pool – Fewer Chemicals
  • Our Maximum Performance Package:
    • Circulation / Sanitation Plus
      • Includes Pebble Lid Debris Removal Drains And Leaf Canister To Remove Large Debris From The Floor Of The Pool For A Cleaner Pool And Reduced Maintenance Requirement. Ozone Generator With MDV, Mineral Supplement System And Ultra-violet Sanitation For The Lowest Chemical Content Best Water Quality In Our Marketplace.
    • Better Performance When It Comes To Both Water Quality And Operation Cost