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Pool Leak Detection

A pool leak can spell disaster for you and your property, resulting in costly repairs and potentially significant damage. 

Early pool leak detection is the best way to prevent a leak from occurring or getting worse, and here at Claffey Pools, we offer leading pool leak detection services to all of our customers. 

While it’s normal for water levels to fluctuate during the summer months, if excessive water loss is occurring there is likely a problem. A pool leak can be more discreet than a leak within the home, but our team has the knowledge and expertise to detect these problems and carry out the necessary repairs before the issue worsens. 

We use non-invasive techniques and the latest technology to detect all types of leaks in your pool, helping you to save money and protect valuables in your yard and wider property. 

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Signs of a pool leak

There are several signs that your pool may have a leak.

This includes:

  • Abnormal changes in water levels
  • Cracks or falling tiles
  • Wet patches in your yard
  • Unusually high water bills 
  • Algae growth 

If you notice any of the above signs or have concerns about your pool, you should seek help from a pool leak detection company immediately. 

Pool Leak Repair in Southlake Texas

At Claffey Pools, we’ve spent more than 30 years helping customers throughout Southlake, Texas discover their dream pool. This includes delivering pool leak detection services that ensure your pool always remains in the very best condition. 

As part of our pool leak detection offering, we’ll provide you with a pool leak inspection from one of our expert technicians, and carry out any pool leak repairs that may be necessary. 

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