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Ivory Travertine Remodel

Ivory Travertine Remodel

Project details:

  • Pool Type: Freeform
  • Features: Ivory Travertine Raised Beam Raised Spa
  • Project Designer: Duffy Hennessy
  • Project Manager: Shawn Scoggins

This project is a pool and yard that had lots of potential but was limited based on elevations and lack of good use of the various levels. The pool and deck are had a change in elevations that caused furniture to not work properly and for little children that was in the family it created safety concerns. The challenge to creating a design for this pool to give the upper decking and lower decking of the pool to be useful for all. The massive amounts of stone that existed in the back, side, and front yards made it difficult to work with and not change all of the walls. Locating the proper stone to rework walls, but not replace them all was difficult. The entry into the pool areas had no symmetry and the steps and landings where at all different depths and heights. Opening the upper patio to the pool started with using the covered patio area and columns as the focal point and centering the steps to that area. The upper patio was made much larger to create sitting and entertaining areas for the family. The rails along the upper area safe for all. In the pool deck area, we added a firepit for family to sit around. We took out the raised level of the pool to make the deck more manageable for the smaller children and ease of use for all. We changed all decking to travertine to blend with the old and new stone walls. We created a waterfeature on the back side in place of the outdated and unrealistic waterfall that was on the back side. The landscaping was reworked to different location in the upper area and reworked throughout the walls and pool deck area to round off the finished project.

Unusual story on this project is that if something could be found that could go wrong, it did on this project. After removing the deck, we discovered the pool plumbing and electrical to the lights where not buried more than 6” below the deck. The main drain in the pool had collapsed, flexible plumbing running along the floor and up the outside of the pool. We had to completely replumb the pool, cut and run a new main drain in the pool with new plumbing, as well as, replacing the skimmers on the pool.

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