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Winterizing Pool Equipment

Why you should Winterize Your Pool Equipment

Most swimming pools in the North Texas metroplex have a freeze protection device that automatically activates the equipment as the air temperature approaches between 34 – 40 degrees at the pool equipment. The purpose is to keep the water flowing to avoid potential freeze damage to the pool equipment. The freeze protection device is not effective during power outages or extremely cold temperatures. When the freeze protection device is not operational, it is critical the pool equipment gets winterized.

If the pool equipment freeze protection does not activate during near freezing temperatures, please go to the pool equipment control system and place Aqualink control system in “service mode”. Then press all buttons associated with pump operations to allow constant “run time” to effectively keep the water moving and avoid potential freeze damage. If at any point, there becomes a mechanical failure or power outage the next step should be to winterize the entire pool equipment system. Please view the helpful videos we have on our website if that situation exists.

The primary objective for winterizing is to remove all the water from the above ground plumbing and associated mechanical components. Water expands as it freezes causing damage to the plumbing and mechanical components that provide water circulation and sanitization.

Winterizing Products & Services We Offer

Winterizing Sticker Pack ($25)

Claffey Pools created a convenient way to easily identify the parts that will require removal during the winterizing process. The sticker pack includes premium UV protected fluorescent green stickers to allow easy identification as you or someone else expedites winterizing the pool equipment.

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Winterizing Equipment Identification Service ($150)

Our winterizing equipment identification service includes an on-site visit by a Claffey service technician. The technician will provide and apply stickers to the required pool equipment components that need to be removed during the winterizing process. The technician will also verify any existing freeze protection device is operating properly.

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Express Winterizing Equipment Service ($400)

Our Express Winterizing equipment service includes an on-site visit by a Claffey service technician within the next business day after service has been purchased. The technician will winterize the pool equipment. We will schedule an onsite de-winterizing based on time of year or customer preference.

*In some cases Travel Charges May apply

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How To Winterize Your Pool Equipment

Watch our video below on how to winterize your pool equipment to ensure your pool is ready for the winter season.

Full Pool Equipment Set

Step by Step Guide

Step by step guides for additional pool equipment items

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Heatpump/Chiller Step by Step Guide

UV System

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Jandy Energy Filter

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Cyclone Filter

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