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Pool Maintenance

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Pool Maintenance

For the past 35 years, Claffey Pools has earned the reputation as the premier pool construction, remodel and repair service company in DFW. After all these years we are proud to finally introduce the final piece to the puzzle. Swimming pool maintenance! You chose the finest for your backyard investment and now the opportunity for the finest pool maintenance service is available for you!

For a limited time, our new weekly cleaning and maintenance customers will receive four weeks free! This includes:

  • Vacuuming and brushing
  • Water chemistry analysis
  • Equipment inspection
  • Summary report and pictures
  • Basic chemicals and no extra fees
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Pool Cleaning in Southlake, Colleyville & Coppell, TX

Pool cleaning is an important part of our pool maintenance service. A regular pool cleaning service can ensure your pool develops the need for fewer repairs, maintains the safety and hygiene of your water, and offers greater longevity to your pool so it can be enjoyed long into the future.

Our pool maintenance offering involves regularly cleaning your pool, as well as providing appropriate water treatments. This ensures your pool’s water remains safe for you and your loved ones to enjoy. If you prefer, we can even provide weekly swimming pool maintenance packages which means you only have to focus on enjoying your pool.

We offer:

  • Chemical balancing
  • Winterizing
  • Toy, towel and trash tidying
  • Blowing the deck
  • Nature2 products – Natural mineral purifiers for pools and spas, and in-line chlorinating feeders
  • FMP Filter Maintenance Program – Hassle-free cleaning of your filter, salt cells, UV bulbs, and Nature2 cartridge replacement
  • Receive 5% off all equipment and repairs

Our Filter Maintenance Program provides:

  • DE – Every 6 months
  • Cartridge – Every 3 months

For more than three decades, Claffey Pools has established a reputation as a leading pool cleaning company in Southlake, Colleyville & Coppell, TX. We offer an all-encompassing above-ground pool cleaning service that includes pool filter cleaning, chemical balancing, water testing, and much more.

When you call upon our services for swimming pool cleaning, you can rest assured you’re receiving the highest level of service every time. Cleaning can often be neglected when self-servicing, but with a pool cleaning service from Claffey Pools, we’ll take care of everything for you – meaning you just need to concentrate on enjoying your outdoor space.

Pool Maintenance Company in Southlake, Colleyville & Coppell, TX

Swimming pool maintenance is integral when it comes to keeping your pool healthy and in good working order. As a place to relax, socialize, and make memories with loved ones, it’s important to have access to a swimming pool maintenance company you can trust to ensure the longevity of your backyard pool.

We offer all of our clients a dedicated in-ground pool maintenance service that provides regular pool cleaning to keep your personal oasis tranquil, relaxing, and enjoyable.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a pool maintenance company in Southlake, Colleyville & Coppell, TX, Claffey Pools is here to help. Get in touch with our pool maintenance experts today to find out more.

What We Offer with our Claffey Clean Commitment

Claffey Pools
Chemical Balancing

We use the newest and most accurate technologies to test the water and use the highest quality products to treat.

Claffey Pools

We believe that winterization is 100% the responsibility of your pool maintenance service. We will mitigate as much damage as possible when winter storms get nasty.

Claffey Pools
Toy, Towel and Trash Tidy-up

We’re a family business and we understand families. From toddlers to teens there’s always something to tidy up!

Claffey Pools
Electronic Communication

Communication is key. You can expect an email from your designated tech with all the details of when they were there and what they did. Pictures included!

Claffey Pools
Blowing the deck

In the spring time its pollen and in the fall its leaves. We’ll blow the deck to keep it clean.

Claffey Pools
Cleaning of the Pool

We have several types of vacuums and a myriad of tools to make your pool sparkle. The key factor however is our attention to detail.

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