The Snowy River

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Paul Watko

To create the best backyard for a family with five kids the old pool had to go, so they replaced it with a pool that has everything.  It has a deep end for diving, a shallow end for basketball, a tanning ledge for hanging out and a bridge to the island for imagination.  A river was the ultimate bonus.  The first pump sent you around the island into the main pool and the second pump sent you floating through the main pool or if you rode down the slide it blasted your ride as you hit the water.  Safety was mom's concern so the view down the river could be seen from the family room window and the porch.  The fire pit and outdoor kitchen provide additional places to gather for family time when you want to stay dry.  With the kitchen and fire pit set out of the views from the home the focus is all on the new pool and the new memories made.