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What is Mastic and Why is it Important?

Wow! Texas summers are certainly hot ones. The extreme heat and lack of rain directly impact the soil by shrinking as the moisture gets depleted. The joint that separates the pool structure from the deck or retaining walls plays an important role as soil shifts.

Mastic the rubber-like trim around your pool and deck is the critical component to prevent water intrusion when it rains and is flexible enough to accommodate moderate soil movement. Over time the material will require replacement because of our extreme temperatures and expansive soil conditions. You should check the condition of the mastic periodically. If it is cracked, worn, or missing, you risk a costly repair.

Now is the best time to inspect and potentially replace the mastic material before the colder rainy fall season arrives.

For more information on repairing your mastic, get in touch with the team at Claffey pools today.

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