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Everything You Need to Know About Remodeling

Have You Been thinking about Renovating your Pool? Wondering the Best time to do so, and What Remodeling Options there are?

Renovating a pool during the fall, winter and early spring seasons have advantages. Let us explain:

Planning Ahead – Depending on the type of remodeling you want for your backyard, planning ahead is best to consider so you don’t have to leave it all to the last minute.

Have Your Pool Ready For Spring And Summer – You want to be able to use and enjoy your backyard as soon as the temperature starts to rise. Consider having your swimming pool renovated well before the summer arrives. Letting the option of renovation for a long time can be damaging to your swimming pool, so, sooner is always better than later. Also taking into consideration construction timelines and material delays the industry as a whole has seen over the last few years.

Less Use of the Swimming Pool – Most likely your swimming pool is not heavily in use during the fall, winter and spring seasons compared to during the summer time.

What Are My Remodeling Options?
Resurfacing – This is often the most important for one reason…possible leakage. If you see a crack in your swimming pool, tiles are falling off or any significant water loss, it’s time to resurface. Don’t wait too long to get your pool repaired or it can get even worse.

Tile & Coping Replacement– Is tile falling off your tile line ? Coping chipping or looking aged. Then it’s the perfect time to update. Replacing your tile and coping is a cost effective way to bring a major update to your swimming pool.

Decking– Replacing – If the decking is outdated or you just need more entertaining space around the swimming pool, adding new materials for the pool deck will give the perfect update to your outdoor space.

Adding Fire Features – these features are trending! Not only will it make the backyard more impressive, but also gives a reason to extend the use of this part of your home. Whether it is a fire bowl or a fire pit, adding these features are sure to make your backyard pop.

Adding Water Features – if you are looking to make your outdoor area more tranquil, then water features are just the answer. You can choose from gushers and scuppers to waterfall and grottos to make the experience more relaxing and attractive.

Energy Efficient Equipment and Automation – if you are looking to save money with your swimming pool, change the regular lights in your pool for LED lights. They not only save money on electric consumption but are also manageable with control from your phone. Of course, you can have your lights in any color you like.

Outdoor Living- Adding a free standing covered structure or open arbor along with outdoor kitchens and fire features.

You might want some new detailing, or you might want a complete transformation – whatever it is you want to change about your pool, we’ll take care of it. As the leading pool renovation company in Southlake, Texas, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area we’ve added lazy rivers to freeform pools, spas to geometric pools and much more across TX, making the most of the available space to give the pool a new lease of life.

For more information on remodeling your outdoor space, get in touch with the team at Claffey pools today.

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