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What Are Sand Filters and Why Are They Important?

If you have a pool in your backyard, you’ll be well aware of the range of gadgets that come with it that can keep it looking great and performing at its best. 

Filters are arguably one of the most important elements of any swimming pool. There are a variety of filters you can get for your pool, all of which are designed to keep dirt and debris out of the water so that it stays sparkling and clear.  

One of the best filters you can install is sand filters. In this month’s article, the team at Claffey Pools will outline everything you need to know about sand filters, including what they do and why they’re so important.    


What are sand filters?

First things first, it’s important to know exactly what a sand filter is. Like all filtration systems for swimming pools, sand filters are designed to prevent your pool water from becoming full of dirt, debris, and other nasties. 

Unlike other types of filters, sand filters work by connecting a tank full of sand to your pool’s existing filtration system. As the water begins passing through the tank, the sand will intercept dirt and debris, only allowing nice, clear water to flow through. This means that your pool’s water will be much clearer and more pleasant to swim in.            

Why is a sand filter important?

Filtration is extremely important for every kind of swimming pool. Without it, dirt and debris will begin to make themselves at home in your water, which can result in harmful bacteria forming. Not only can this lead to the growth of unsightly algae, but it can potentially also lead to people developing illnesses if they swim in it. 

While preventing this from happening, sand filters also come with specific advantages such as helping with deferrization and demagnetization of water, being easy to operate, and also being low maintenance.    

How regularly do I need to clean sand filters?

As mentioned above, sand filters don’t require a huge amount of maintenance. Over time, all of the dirt and debris that the filter prevents entering your pool will build up, so it’s important it’s regularly cleaned in a process known as backwashing. You should do this on a weekly basis to ensure that your filter continues to work at its best. 

As well as this, the filter will also require occasional refilling with the sand inside it needing to be replaced. However, you’ll only need to do this once every five to seven years.       

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