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Top 10 Pool Toys For Kids

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, you’ll know just how much fun they can be. Guaranteed to bring hours of fun for all the family, they’re especially a hit with children. 

A great way to make sure that your kids make the most of their pool is to provide them with pool toys. From floats to balls and a whole host of other pool toys, they can really enhance your children’s time in the pool, and they can be fun for the grown-ups, too. 

At Claffey Pools, we’ve spent over 30 years helping our customers throughout Southlake, Texas, discover their dream pool. In this time, we’ve developed a thorough understanding of the type of pool toys that are popular among children of all ages. 

Take a look at our top 10 pool toys for kids.  


The MVP of pool toys is, of course, the float. These days floats come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that stays the same is the fun they bring. Whether it’s relaxing on them in the sun, or clambering aboard them with family and friends, your kids are sure to get a real thrill from playing on floats. And, as previously mentioned, they are available in a variety of designs, from animals such as flamingoes, crocodiles, and sharks, to more outlandish types like donuts and pretzels. 

Volleyball and basketball 

Any pool toy that also provides an element of competition is sure to be popular. That’s why volleyballs and basketballs are a perfect choice. Any inflatable ball can be used for volleyball, and you can purchase nets that can be stretched across the pool.  

For basketball, you can either use a net outside the pool or buy an inflatable, floating net that can bob in the water as you try and dunk those baskets. Whatever the case, it’s sure to bring hours of fun. 

Snorkels, masks, and goggles 

A great way to encourage your children to practice their swimming and diving skills, snorkels, masks, and goggles may be practical, but they’re also fun, too. Giving children the ability to see and breathe underwater, they can spark a whole host of games and allow your little ones’ imaginations to run wild. 

Dive rings and sticks 

Perfectly complementing snorkels, goggles, and masks, but also well suited even if you don’t have any of those, dive rings and sticks also encourage children to become more at home in the water while having fun. Designed to sink to the bottom of the pool, your children can enjoy trying to dive and collect them.

Pool jousting 

A hugely popular pool toy, this is a great choice if you have multiple children or if your child regularly has friends visit to enjoy the pool. Children can sit on inflatable floats with inflatable jousting poles and have a whale of a time attempting to knock each other off and into the water. The rough and tumble of the game brings a whole host of fun for everyone, but be sure to keep an eye on your children to ensure they don’t get too carried away!

Water pistols 

While not exclusively a pool toy, water pistols are a great addition to the pool. Children will have great fun squirting one another with water, but just be prepared that you may get a little wet even if you’re not in the pool yourself!    

Beach ball

Sometimes the simplest options are the best, and as one of the most basic swimming pool toys around, beach balls are a great choice. Quick and easy to inflate, there are an endless variety of games that you can play with a beachball, making it a must-have addition for every pool. 


Whether your little one is a confident swimmer or a little more tentative about spending time in the water, kickboards are an excellent choice. More of a swimming aid than a conventional toy, they can still help children have fun. For example, they can be a great thing to use if your children are having swimming races, or just want to feel more comfortable playing in the pool.     

Underwater glider and surfboard 

A great pool toy for accomplished swimmers, children are sure to have endless fun with an underwater glider or surfboard. These toys are typically made from durable foam and are great at balancing underwater. Most suited for older children and teenagers, the hours are sure to fly by with this in your pool.  

Swimming rings 

Similar to dive rings and sticks, swimming rings will also sink to the bottom of the pool. Children will be able to dive to the bottom of the pool and swim through them, having great fun along the way. If your children have goggles, masks, and snorkels, it will be even more enjoyable. 

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, what are you waiting for? Bringing hours of fun to families of all shapes and sizes, at Claffey Pools we can help make your dream pool a reality. Supporting customers throughout Southlake, Texas TX, to find out how we can help you, get in touch with our team today.

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