Upscale Aesthetics

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Paul Watko

How do you turn a liability into an asset?  The whole subdivision drained through the middle of the property and after a big rain there is a river to cross in the yard.   A two story cabana was required on the far side of the river, to provide a destination on the top floor and the equipment vault on the lower floor for all the pool and water feature equipment.  A water feature was desired for the French style home that was understated due to the awesome setting.  A 10 foot wooden water wheel would fit the style and the function needed for the space.  With a traditional wood wheel, it is set above the basin waterline otherwise the spokes swell and are too heavy in one spot.  This river is not a liability now but the biggest asset on the property.  A bridge was needed to access across the river big enough for a golf cart.  The 10 foot wheel was set by a crane for the basin at the bottom of the cabana.  The basin designed for river flow during rain and when not raining to provide a basin for the water feature