The Social

Designer: Charlie Claffey
Project Manager: Paul Watko

  1. What was it about this project that required an unusual level of quality workmanship? To hide the 10’ tall 42’length slide walls up to 13’ tall were contracted.  A spread footing was installed to handle the load without damage the pool structure all veneer was dry stacked to match the stone work on the home.  Safety for the three small children was a primary design factor of the project.  The irregular wall cap was applied to eliminate the children waling on the wall caps.  The limestone coping and treads were bull nosed instead of the normal chipped face in addition all the steps were sandblasted to insure good traction.  The roof of the cave became the basin for the spillway pouring and sealing 10’ in the air created a balancing act.  The wave pattern was created with the tile on the back of the cave and at the waterline.  The irregular line between pebble sheen and tile required special care. 
  2. Why do you think this project forced you to an unusual level of creativity?  The walls cradle the slide without the kids having a safety issue.  From the inside of the house you can not see any of the slide.  The allotted area for the equipment was not enough so additional wall incorporated screen for additional equipment.  Paul the superintendent stopped at the job site after a heavy rain to set a sump pump in the pool.  The house was also under construction with a full basement that had been almost completed.  After observing 3 feet deep of water on the glass doors Paul loaned his sump pump to the house superintendent.  The house sump pump had failed and all finish work had to be redone.