Renaissance Inspired Dream

Designer: Charlie Claffey
Project Manager: Paul Watko

Utilizing a Renaissance design theme this pool and amenity center project is the centerpiece for this highly affluent single family residential community.

The project includes the main community pool, a smaller kiddie splash pool, a large cedar pergola, and amenity center with restrooms, storage area, indoor pool equipment room and an open air pavilion.

The pool is of a classic design and includes two large tanning shelves, one partially covered by the pergola for a shady retreat form the summer heat and other for worshipping the sun. There is also two swimming lanes for the exercise buffs and plenty of additional space for a lazy float around the pool and under the eight water jets located at pedestal bases of the cast stone columns at the water’s edge. Another water feature is an eight foot long triple rain descent hidden in stained rough cedar beam spanning between two cast stone columns located in the main pool on the shady side, another great place to cool down.

The kiddie splash pool is 18” deep and is located so mom and dad can set in the shade and watch the little ones enjoy the day. The kiddie pool was design with no direct suction device in water movement systems, instead we use an overflow system back to the main pool along skimmers to eliminate any opportunity for entrapment.

One interesting event during the construction of this projects was about a quarter of the way thru the design process a major design change occurred. The original design incorporated some statuary features and the word got out to the local community that one of the statues was a medieval knight who was famous as a dragon slayer. This was not received well sense the local high school football team’s mascot is the dragons. Needless to say a redesign was quickly in order.