Prestigiously Pleasing

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Bobby Brzozowski

The desire to minimize the yard’s 20-foot drop meant keeping the pool and cabana close to the existing house and porch.  The small, existing porch was enlarged and capped in travertine with matching coping.  The deep end of the pool dove tailed into the porch offset and allowed for maximum pool area without creating maximum elevations drop.  Travertine steps highlight the elevation changes.  The large tan ledge with bubblers is recessed to the side of the pool allowing for maximum play area.  The diving board was recessed to minimize view from the home and to provide easier access. The centered spa is designed to emphasize the length of the pool.  Cannon jets and the spa spillway provide both sound and visual effects from in the home. 

The cabana with a privacy wall and fireplace provides a focal point on the cross axis of the design.  The outdoor kitchen along the side of the cabana provides cooking, serving and seating space.  The extended arbor provides bar stools and the hidden fire feature on the back of the spa provides a special visual treat.