Intimate Creativity

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Jimmy Kelly

You ever feel like a fish in a bowl? Two story homes on lots 4’ higher with small backyards created that looking down on this lot. The raised beam raised the holly tree high enough that along the back of property privacy was achieved for the fireplace, spa and patio areas. The arbor was added to provide shade and increase privacy on the patio and in the main living areas in the home. The patio areas were designed down to the furniture to be used in the space for comfort of use and maximum pool area. The liner design was most efficient with the liner lines of the home and site. Stone pattern reflects the lines as well. The subtle water features were chosen to not overpower the small space with too much sound and also play off the liner theme. The tanning ledge breaks up shape perfect rectangle and makes pool seem larger when one enters the front door of the home and looks out the back door at the spa spillway and fountain. The rainfall placement is centered on the family room windows. The dark blue water color was chosen to create a more reflective surface and make space appear larger. The outdoor kitchen and bar give good access to indoor kitchen while not blocking any views from inside the home and help screen the pool equipment from view in the backyard. The spa and fireplace hearth flow together to provide extra seating. If it feels like every inch was analyzed for maximum efficiency and maximum fun your right. It was and is.