Fairytale Utpoia

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Rob Anderson

Step into this timeless backyard and view the uniquely designed pool and water features. A battered slate spillway was used along the entire portion of the raised beam to accentuate the grade change of the yard and provide a subtle sound. The fire fly jets were used to give a visual for the house and cabana and to show off its simplistic elegance.

5. Freeform - combination of non-geometric curves (and straight lines), 751 sq ft or more sq ft if water surface area.

Date Pool Completed: 4/15/2008
Length and Width:  20 X 48
Area of Surface: 920
Minimum depth: 3’6”
Max depth: 8’6”
General Shape: Custom
Type of Construction: Gunite
Deck: Flagstone