Elevated Perspectives

Designer: Reid Schindler
Project Manager: Paul Watko

This contemporary design evolved out of a site that the homeowner thought of as unusable and unsightly all at the same time.  The engineering aspect of this project literally starts from underground and runs through the roof. The first element we had to deal with on this project was the terrain. From the start of our project to the lake the terrain drops 78'.  The only way to suspend the pool area where the client wanted was to utilize piers to hold up the pool, decking, and the extended 2 story cabana the extension the client wanted. We ran into a challenge on the piers when we occurred substantial amount of ground water while drilling. Our engineer was able to develop a plan of "belling" the piers so we could stay out of the water at greater depths. The structure was engineered to use a light weight poured in place concrete floor to build the 2 levels.  The customer initially had a wall ranging from 4'-11' that was showing signs of wear.  Our engineer developed a solution to come out from the existing wall 3', build a new engineered wall and backfill with a gravel to create a much nicer looking wall. The customer is ecstatic with all the functionality and views the new design has created and knows it is engineered for a lifetime of enjoyment.