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How to Throw The Ultimate Pool Party

Whether you already have a pool in your backyard or are considering having one built, there’s no denying that one of the main advantages of owning a pool is the opportunity to host a pool party! 

After all, is there a better way to enjoy the summer months than getting together with friends and family, eating and drinking and relaxing in a swimming pool? 

We don’t think so.

With this in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to throwing the very best pool party.

Decide on a Theme 

One of the best things about a pool party is that it’s incredibly versatile, and the pool itself already acts somewhat like a theme. 

But, if you want to pin down something even more specific, then there is plenty to choose from. 

Why not go for a Hawaiian vibe complete with coconut drinks and straw skirts? Or tie it in with a sporting event such as the Superbowl or Olympics?

Whatever you decide on, your theme will help get your guests in the party mood and can also inform your choice of playlist, food and party games. 

Prepare food and drink for your guests 

No party is complete without great food and drink, and a pool party is no different. Due to pool parties predominantly taking place in the summer months when the weather is at its best, it’s a great excuse to light up the barbecue and get mixing some refreshing cocktails with a poolside bar.

It’s always a good idea to have a good balance of snacks on the side, too. Go for both healthy and more indulgent options so guests have a choice of what to eat. Remember to cater for vegetarians and those with dietary requirements, too. 

But, be sure to opt for plastic or paper plates and cups. Smashed glass and bare feet are not a good combination. 


Organise some pool games 

No pool party is complete without pool games. Whether you go with classics such as water polo or volleyball or want to be more creative with water balloon games, the possibilities are endless and games are a great way to get people enjoying themselves and make the most out of your pool. 

Additionally, don’t forget to purchase some pool floats and inflatables for people to relax and enjoy. The pizza slice, unicorn and flamingo floats are always particularly popular options, and you can guarantee your guests will love lounging around on them in the sun. 

Don’t forget those who may not like the water

While pools are a whole lot of fun, they’re not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean a pool party doesn’t have to be.

Just because someone may not be keen to get in the pool, they can still enjoy the party. Grab some lounge chairs, throw them by the side of the pool and let those who are less of a fan of water top up their tan. Remember to provide plenty of sunscreen so your guests can enjoy the rays safely.   


At Claffey Pools, we can bring your dream pool to life. We have over 30 years’ experience creating luxury swimming pools for homeowners across north Texas, and can help produce a pool truly unique to you and your home. To find out more about what we do, or to receive advice from our team of experts, contact us today.               




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