Shelly Claffey


I started in the pool industry 25 years ago with an associate’s degree in fashion merchandising and
marketing. I actually had no experience or expertise in the swimming pool industry, however, my father and founder of Claffey Pools, asked me if I could help him out in the business. I started helping out by answering phones, paying bills, bank runner, permit runner, money collector and any other job I could do to help along with to learn the business. After several years of office work, I wanted to learn the construction side of the business and was interested in designing pools and eventually selling. I learned from each sub-contractor, each phase of building a pool. I followed my dad on each sales call he went on learning as much as I could. I loved that side of the business  because it allowed me to use my creative side. For 18 years now I have been designing backyards and absolutely love what I do. Pools have evolved throughout the years and has been exciting to be able to create amazing art in every backyard I go into. I love working with clients to help create their ultimate dream and bring their families years of joy and happiness.

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