Duffy Hennessy


Duffy graduated from Illinois State University with a major in Business Management.   Duffy entered the pool industry with Morehead Pools in Shreveport, Louisiana in Feb 2000.   He held position of Service and Construction Manager along with Remodel Sales until he left in June 2006.   Duffy then went to work for Stone Pool/Rokquest where he held the position of Vice President of Operations and Training Coordinator.   In August of 2008, Duffy came to work at Claffey Pools as a Sales Associate specializing in Remodel.   During his pool industry career, Duffy has continued his pool industry education and has helped propel Claffey Pools into the top 5 in the nation for swimming pool remodels.   Duffy has the ability to see not only what you want for your backyard, but can design an entire backyard project in 3D for your family to enjoy for years.   He has the knowledge and ability to take your backyard from an old outdated look to a spectacular updated renovation for all to enjoy.  

Design Portfolio