The interior finish of a pool is not only an aesthetic component, it serves to waterproof the interior of the pool and spa. When the plaster reaches the end of its life, a re-finish is needed. We offer different types of product for various types of settings. When re-finishing, it is also recommended to replace the waterline tile.


Tile Replacement

Like the interior finish, the tile is more than just an aesthetic component. The tile line is another waterproofing material for the pool and spa. Over time, tiles can fall off and the grout can deteriorate and allow water loss. Your sales consultant will help guide you to select the tile that best fits your backyard environment. Replacing the tile should be done in conjunction with re-plastering the pool.


Coping Replacement

The coping is the material above the tile line that covers the top of the pool structure. It also is used to separate the pool structure from the surrounding decking. Over time, coping can deteriorate and become loose from the beam of the pool and should be replaced or repaired accordingly. There is a wide variety of coping product available. Your sales consultant can help you pick the best material for your overall desired look.


Mastic Replacement

Mastic is the expansion joint between the decking and coping, otherwise known as Deck O seal. The mastic is a flexible caulking that protects against movement of the decking against the pool. it also waterproofs behind the coping. Mastic is more of a maintenance item and will split apart over time. This should be replaced when voids are visible and when performing coping replacement or repairs.


Decking Replacement/Overlay

Decking is the flatwork that surrounds the pool and serves as the transition from the pool to the home. From colored concretes, to stone and paver decks, there are many different styles of decking that can enhance your outdoor space. If replacing your deck, your sales consultant can help you create the best layout that caters to your family needs and lifestyle. Existing concrete decks can also be overlaid to transform the old concrete look to a brand-new finish.


Equipment & Lighting

In the scope of the remodel, it is important to consider updating old equipment that may no longer be functioning as effectively. Remodel work requires draining the pool and this can potentially create issues with older equipment as it dehydrates. Your sales consultant will evaluate your existing equipment at the site visit. We can replace all types of pool equipment and lighting including upgrading automation and sanitizing systems.




If you have built a pool with us, or if we have performed a remodel on your pool and there are small repairs needed that are out of warranty, we can help with the following:

  • Mastic Replacement

  • Replacing a few damaged or missing tiles (assuming tile is still available)

  • Replacing a few coping pieces

  • Diving Boards/Handrails

  • Sealing or re-sealing masonry


 If you have a warranty related repair, please submit a warranty request form on the service page of the website. Your warranty dates are shown on your closing paperwork that was signed at the end of the project.