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poolife® Stain Lift


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  • 2.5 lbs

How to use for startup

Adjust pH between 6.8 and 7.2 and allow free chlorine level to drop below 2.0 ppm, then add 2.5 lb per 20,000 concentrate product in areas where stains are most prevalent. Allow to circulate for 24 hours then readjust the pH to 7.4-7.6 and total alkalinity to 80 – 120 ppm ranges. Maintain normal sanitizer levels. Do not shock for at least 72 hours.

Maintenance dose

For maintenance and prevention of stains add Poolife Stain Stop once a month

Compatible with

Can be used with all chlorine, bromine, salt water, ozone and mineral based sanitizing systems


For removal of metallic stains including iron, copper, manganese

Useful tips

Lifts metallic stains cause from hard water, iron, copper and manganese

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