Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Paul Watko

The wall creates the space between the public street and the private home, leave your stress of the world and come relax at home.  The dry stack Bluestone was decided on after six sample walls were constructed.  It closest matches the color of the roof and architectural lines of the home.  The surprise upon entry is first the sound of water and then, the visual feature the whole walk to the front door.  The stone wall extends into the tank, eliminating the tile line.  The Infloor system keeps the basin cleaned.  The water extended past the entry drawing you into the space facing the lake.  The wall height was kept constant even as the ground sloped towards the lake.  This height screened cars, from the court, when you were sitting on the patio.  Large tree's root systems determined where the wall turns occurred and still give maximum feel of the backyard.  The private space with the constant trickle of water provides the perfect place of peace.