Southwestern Straightline

Designer: Reid Schindler
Project Manager: Charlie Claffey

This southwestern styled design design includes a play pool with negative edge, custom spa, kiddy pool, multiple fountains, and multiple outdoor living structures. The owner of the property was very detailed on his vision throughout the design portion, while at the same time, wanting to utilize the existing elements that the yard offered.

The biggest set of challenges came the owners eye for detailed work. Although very subtle in the pictures, every piece of travertine on the linear portions of the deck is exactly 24"x24". This 24" x 24" dimension had to be used with the pre-cast coping as well. Even on the radial portions of the design, the travertine was all pre-cut off site to ensure the project would be exact to plan. Also, every column to support the outdoor living portions of the project had to be centered within the travertine squares. Also subtle in the pictures, the spa bench was custom molded to the clients comfort level. We created several different wooden mock ups for the client until he approved of one. We then created a mold to shape the shotcrete inside of the spa with.

The biggest appeal to this project is the overall feel while walking through the design. From the first step on site, you feel like you are no longer in a backyard, but have been been sent to a resort. Shade is easy to find under one of the multiple arbors and you can choose between using the kiddy pool, which walks down from 6" of water to 18" of water, or float around in the play pool which is 60' long and 20' wide. With LED lights changing the color of the water and and a grand staircase lit up onto the lawn, nightly entertaining is taken to the next level.