Sleek Vanishing Edge

Designer & Project Manager: Charlie Claffey

With a prime corner property location, the client had a simple idea in mind for their backyard: a diving pool, spa, and a unique water feature all while keeping a natural look and using quality materials. However, existing sloping topography while integrating a diving pool with a spa and fulfilling the clients desire to have plenty of space for furniture and guests proved to be a task. In the end, the same sloping ground provided the perfect foundation for not just a pool and spa, but also a negative edge water feature and basin below. This in turn not only added a beautiful view upon exiting the home into the backyard, but also provided another gorgeous view from the outdoor living structure and fire pit below.

One notable addition to this particular design was the artificial stream incorporated into the design to simulate water naturally rolling down the boulders with its source coming from the catch tank to the west of the house itself which added the perfect touch in giving the project a natural feel while not clashing aesthetically with the clean curves of the waterlines of the pool and spa. The client also desired to have enough space for a full sized sport court at the corner of the property which provided a slight space issue between the arbor and pool. The artificial stream along with a stone slab for a walkway bridged the two points of interest and aided in adding the right amount of curves to the stream to give the right amount of space for the sport court.