Razzle Dazzle Reflections

Designer: Brian Claffey
Project Manager: Bobby Brzozowski

  1. What was it about this project that required an unusual level of quality workmanship? The out cropping of natural stone and significant elevation change required a great attention to the naturalistic detail between pool and existing surrounding areas.
  2. Describe the aesthetic appeal of this entire project?  Using all the natural stone helped create the natural lagoon shaped lower pool.  The goal of this project was to create a straight line formal pool ascending the straight lines of the house frame on top all while the lower pool takes you into lagoon paradise.
  3. Why do you think this project forced you to an unusual level of creativity? Due to the 9’ of elevation change form the upper pool to the lower pool the flood gates opened allowing all sorts of creativity to form.  The customer wanted to maintain a very natural feel.
  4. Describe how this pool design integrates effective with the home, landscape or both. DO NOT mention the project location or any names such as your name, your company or the customer.) The use of a straight line design on the upper pool complimented the shade of the house while the lower pool reflected the natural terrain of outcropping of rocks.
  5. Can you tell an unusual story associated with this pool? (Example humorous, incidents, unusual interactions between  customers and work crews, accidents, weather or access related problems, hidden or unexpected problems and cost, etc.)When meeting the customer for the first time the customer asked us to build a pool without budget in mind…This is any builders dream come true so working with the natural stones we were able to create two pools all while we saved the customers thousands of dollars using all the stone from the property.