North Texas Natural Retreat

Designer & Project Manager: Charlie Claffey

This North Texas retreat captures you the moment you walk into the back yard.  The homeowner envisioned having a natural body of water in their backyard, while maintaining the functionality of a large swimming pool.  The subtleness of a design of this proportion is one of the key elements that makes this backyard unique along with the natural materials and use of native vegetation.

One of the challenges that arose was how to layout the large body of water over a yard that had around 30" of grade change.  The decision was made to divide the pool into two areas, one being a shallow pool for relaxation and the other being a deep pool for activity.  The transition of the two areas is one of the subtle features the design consists of with large flat stones that water falls down.  Another challenge was trying to disguise the slide from the main site lines out of the home.  The solution was to position the slide where it would be sliding away from the home, and placing a planter in front of the stairway.

A unique element to the design is the entry into the pool.  The beach entry is positioned so that the entrance can be very gradual into the water while not consuming too much of the upper pools swimmable area.  The transitional shelf is the kids play area with an adjacent shelf where the parents can sit and watch over their kids.  The spa is nestled up near the house, positioned so that it can be easily accessed in the colder months, but close enough to the pool area for ease of entertaining.