Natural Tropical Resort

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Paul Watko

Natural tropical resort in a small residential lot required some heavy plantings and four palm trees; however, we also had to have a 25' long slide.  The front entry and family room view centered on the beach entry and boulder cave.  Raised planters and the spa flank the cave so it appears to be incorporated more into the hillside.  Standing on top of the 6' tall slide we are also at the base of the 6' fence.   The spa spillway was made wider to place larger, more natural stone work.  Also, the spa bench has an armrest so one's back does not rest against the boulders.  The cave has  a"random" stair-stepped stacked stone crafted entry giving a more natural look.  Planting pockets flank the beach entry, which the Travertine pavers completely cover.  Every resort needs a swim up cabana, bartender and television.  The sump pump allows all this to work even 3 feet below grade.  We maximized the allowed building setbacks to create the nice seating area and bar in the cabana.  The slate roof matches the home.  Across the pool we have a great fire pit to gather around and enjoy each other all seasons of the year.  The sound of the fire and waterfalls, watching the palms sway in the breeze and we are sure we are in paradise.