Multitiered Compliments

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Brent Schumachher

"Do not kill a tree!" on the sloped backyard was the first requirement. The arborist said that the grade under the trees could not change and set the distance for no trenching, no solid paving, and no pool structure. Not much space was left for the small pool and spa combination. A freeform boulder setting was created and contracted but, the clients wanted to be sure it was perfect. They wanted to see something linear that “blended with the home" as an alternative.  More pool space was the result but did not want to look too formal. The stonework was reflective of patterns seen on some national park buildings that had been seen on a Boy Scout trip. The spa stair step spillway still gave a peaceful trickle to the setting. The gradual steps down followed the existing grade around the trees. The planting around the step pads allowed more air moisture to the trees root systems. The main patio was flanked on two sides by double sided dry stack flagstone seat walls providing extra seating. One of the biggest challenges was getting a bobcat machine into the backyard and down the existing four foot wall. An earth ramp was created between two trees and removed after the hole was dug. The travertine cap and coping gave a finished look to the final details. The pool is the focal point of the backyard, blending the lines of the home and keeping the greenery of the setting and all of the trees still alive.