Legendary Leisure

Designer: Charlie Claffey
Project Manager: Brent Schumacher

The space and set back restrictions at the slide “hobbit house” created exact precision.  The upper entrance to the slide and its landing point on the upper platform was calculated and built to within 1 inch of setbacks and height restrictions. The use of all stone; including travertine decking; coping and beach entrance create a very natural environment that is kid friendly and fun.  The products blend well with the residence to create a great extension of outdoor living space. The thirty foot long slide was designed with the intent of blending it in naturally; but crating an extension of the residence the slide “hobbit house” has a kid’s playroom below and resting area up top.  The stain rail meets code while adding to the “hobbit house” feel with a planting pocket in the center for cascading vines and flowers.  The use of natural products carried back into existing living spaces on the same plane creates a large useable entertaining area.  The terracing of planting along and around the slide creates a balanced hardscape and softscape feel.  The “hobbit house” stone walk; and work extend the features of the house and the pool.