Lakeside Retreat

Designer: Brian Claffey
Project Manager: Brian Claffey

In designing this project the customer’s number one goal was to make sure their backyard was a party from every angle. Their main objective was to install a pool and cabana but make sure to capture the lakes beauty and all it has to offer. In order to accomplish this we used 90% of the cliff side’s natural stone. One by one, layer by layer we salvaged and cleaned all of its natural rock restoring it all to build the waterfalls. While swimming throughout this pool many of its waterfalls mimic the cliff side just beyond the pool assuring the pool is not taking away from the lake view. The placement of this pool was critical due to the fact that the 200' cliff on its back side actually in caved allowing the pool structure to just sit on solid ground. This lagoon shaped pool allows for multiple sitting areas inside and out assuring that no matter where you’re at in this back yard your awed by its awesome view and ready to party!