Game Changing Creator

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Bobby Brzozowski

There were three primary problems with the new home backyard. First, the primary view of the backyard was an excellent view of a built in grill. The other challenge was a very contemporary style pool with a client that preferred a more organic design style. The final challenge was enlarging the area of shade in the backyard. The existing grill was removed, opening up access and view to the pool. The new grill counter was placed between the existing porch columns. The far outside column brick was removed and replaced with dry stacked flagstone to match the fireplace and grill counter. The patio was enlarged to allow barstools on the grill counter. Slate capped the existing porch and new textured concrete was added around the pool. A dry stacked step into the tanning ledge allowed for the elevation change needed in the patio. This corrected a drainage problem on the pool side yard. Boulder accents were added to the spa veneer and spillway. Across the back of the pool, boulder accents were also added. The water feature was removed and replace with a boulder waterfall. The corner fireplace kept maximum view to the pool and anchored the new shade structure. Dry stacked columns tied in with the spa veneer, fireplace and grill counter. All problems solved and now create an awesome backyard setting

Before & Afters