Enchanted Arbor Hideaway

Designer: Erin Kidd


With close collaboration from the client, this pool was specifically designed to enhance the line of sight from inside the home as it was communicated right away that the view from the home was extremely important. Symmetry was an equally important design aspect and a major contributor to the water feature wall placement. Combining curve and straight lines not only brings out distinctive places for patio furniture and planting, it also creates a warm intimate feel for entertaining inside and outside of the pool. The stone used on the veneer directly compliments the stone used on the house, the two cedar trellis features brings a unique design element and ties the materials together creating a visually appealing project that looks as if it was meant to be there as a continuation of the home.  The client can enjoy the water features with the uniquely shaped water feature wall and raised planter beds giving the look of several different levels while also taking care of the slight elevation challenge in the yard.