Captivating Contemporary

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Bobby Brzozowski

Flat lot and unique= dropping yard elevation12-12 inches to create different levels and spaces created by steps and walls and benches.

View of yard blocked by fireplace and unique= Remove fire place and build circular daybed which design radius around Traditional home and unique contemporary= blended colors and tone to unify architecture and pool environments with unique materials, granite patio caps, mitered cut tile step threads and risers, tumbled glass seeded decks, metal louvered arbor, granite counters

Unique= artificial turf, acrylic pool walls; LED lighted gushers, tile with miter cuts, fast lane, stainless steel, floating fire bowls, rolled perimeter overflow water feature and pool into LED lighted channel with underground vault, contemporary coach lights, water wall/ bar with textured tile, TED runway lights at elevation changes, cantilevered concrete coping on spa added to large diving pool, separate spa, outdoor kitchen, new cabana and incorporate existing cabana.

Result is a 2 year process that our team created a unique contemporary environment.