Captivating Cabin

Designer: Shelly Claffey
Project Manager: Bobby Brzozowski

This 3 bedroom 10,000 sq ft cabin originally constructed in Canada now sits in Westlake Texas on two hundred acres overlooking its own private pond. This engineering marvel took much time and consideration due to its size and complexity. The customer’s wants and desires were to build a 75' long pool that compliments the cabin and continues that Canadian feel stretching across the entire terrain. The main focus was to assure that water falls were surrounding the pool so that the visibility was not only great from the outside but breath taking from the inside as well. Installing a 150' winding river gives the perception that the pool is gushing towards the pond. Due to the magnitude of this house, 8" thick Oklahoma flagstone slabs, some ranging 18' long mark the perimeter decking surrounding this project.  Materials were dry stacked and laid one by one this creating this unique one of a kind decking. Without question this intricate design that holds over 200 tons of natural boulders truly captured the essence of what was wanted by the homeowner’s, incorporating dry laid riverbeds and equally diverse landscaping heightens this natural setting.