Tropical Refuge

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Bobby Brzozowski

The clients had just bought and the inside was almost perfect but the outside not so much for them. Formal did not describe the setting they had in mind, especially not with Greek busts. Their favorite setting was much more organic and with a cabana, and fireplace and an outdoor kitchen and the house needed an addition with an entertainment media room, cigar room and pool bath, remodeling the old pool was too restricting so it was removed. Privacy was achieved by adding a cabana on the north side with a full stone wall.

The spa needed to be close to the master bedroom and have visibility of the flat screen television in the cabana. The spa is flush with the upper patio so not to block view of the pool. A natural boulder stream connects the pool and spa. To soften the house planting is between the cabana and house. Access to the cabana was located between the spa and the pool on the floating pad. Remote controlled fire features accent both ends of the boulders. Retaining walls were built behind the waterfall to bring the grade up so plantings looked more natural and waterfalls appeared to come out of the hillside. The cabana features were to create three zones. It does not matter the season or time of day this space provides the family’s perfect outside setting to enjoy each other.

Freeform 451 sq ft to 750 sq ft