Premium Enchancement

Designer: Mike Farley
Project Manager: Shawn Scoggins

Modern design equals simplicity and contrast.  Simplicity of three boys that need to dive and mom wanted safety.  Seven foot deep pool with raised six inch dive deck also provides place for lounge chairs and deals with slight elevation change in yard without diving board. City simply wants deep end farther from house for one to one ratio.  Hand chiseled slate spillway frames primary view from family room and front door with flanking pedestals with flower pots.  Planting on back of pool eliminated the boys from running around pool and increases privacy with neighbors.  White precast with bullnose edge for safety contrast nicely with black pebblesheen for maximum swim season and reflective surface for maximum illusion of space.  Black slate waterwall contrast with white chopped stone columns.  Neutral deck simply white has too much glare and dark is too hot.  This project is down to the furniture is simply modern.