The temperatures are heating up and summer is right around the corner! With summer comes swimming and pool parties! Backyard parties bring family and friends together, and having a party gives you an excuse to show off your backyard while making memories that will last a lifetime!

See these tips to get your backyard pool party-ready!

1. Clean Your Pool

One fact we can all agree on is that your guests won’t want to be floating with leaves, dirt, or debris. So start with skimming the surface of your pool to remove any unwanted floating material a few days before, and of course the day of your party.

2. Check Your Pool Lighting

If your party is going to be at night, you will want to make sure your pool is lit well so your guests can see. This is not only adding a bit of ambiance to the night, but is also a safety precaution.

3. Check Your Pool Heater

Whether it’s 90 degrees or 40 degrees outside, everyone enjoys a dip into the hot tub. Be sure to check that your heater is in good shape and functioning correctly.

4. Pool Water Quality

Let’s talk about your water quality. Since you will have more bodies in your pool than normal, you will want to give it a good shock a few days before your party. This will clean and clear up the water, so it’s in great condition when your guests arrive. Lastly, be sure your chemicals are balanced correctly, so the water is safe and enjoyable for your guests to swim in.

5. Activities and Lounges

If you are planning a family party you may want to think about having some toys for the kids. Or possibly put up a basketball goal or volleyball net up to be sure everyone entertained. If this is an adult only party, then you may only need a few pool lounges so your guests can float in the water comfortably with their drinks in hand.

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