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Pool Service

 Pool Service, Pool Repair and Filter Maintenance

Claffey Pools’ motto “Quality is our commitment to you” does not end when your project is completed. Our Licensed Service professionals are dispatched out to your home as quickly as possible. We strive to keep your project running smooth and efficient. In addition to being a warranty center for all of the products that we installed on your pool, our Service Technicians are Licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. You can rest easy knowing your project will be taken care of by the best service team in the swimming pool industry!

Services Available:

  • New installation as well as repair of pumps, filters, heaters, and pool cleaners.
  • Installation and repair of Automated controllers, ozone systems, and salt water chlorinating systems.
  • Nature2 products- Natural Mineral purifiers for pools and spas, and in line chlorinating feeders.
  • FMP Filter Maintenance Program- Hassle free cleaning of your filter or filters, salt cells, or changing of you Nature2 cartridge.

Filter Maintenance Program

Claffey Pools offers a convenient program for scheduled filter maintenance. This program will automatically schedule us to do a cartridge filter clean every three months at a discounted price of $85.00. As an added service for our customers that have a Nature2TM Mineral Sanitation System, we will deliver and install your Nature2TM replacement cartridge for the price of the cartridge only. Replacing the Nature2TM cartridge every six months will assure you pool water will retain its purity and reduce your chemical use. Customers that have salt water pool can also take advantage of this program by adding “Salt Cell Cleaning: for an additional $35.00 This Service is done every three months. This program will allow your quarterly maintenance needs to be taken care of at one time.

All Nature2TM replacement cartridges are available at our Retail Center. Filter Maintenance Program prices for Nature2TM replacement cartridge are as follows:

  • CG25: $129.00
    CG35: $139.00
    CG45: $150.00
    DC25: $130.00
    DC35: $140.00
    DC45: $153.00
    Express: $115.00

Please give us a call to enroll in our filter maintenance program. 817-421-0539

Tips to Keep Your Pool Looking Good…

  • Salt Cells should be inspected and cleaned on a routine basis year round.
  • Most pool cleaners contain parts that will wear over a period of time. How quickly they wear is a result of usage frequency, cleaner type and pool finish.
  • Check your equipment components and make sure that any o-rings gaskets, etc. are replaced as needed.
  • Pools will loose a dramatic amount of water with higher water temperatures.